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Best Bakeries for Holiday Desserts 2017
Monday, 11.27.17 • News & Press


Elite Acura Best Bakeries

Sweet T’s Bakeshop

Whether you’re planning your wedding or just need a way to get some sugar into your bloodstream ASAP after a long day of holiday shopping, Sweet T’s Bakeshop is the sweet supercenter for all your appetites.

Their long list of cupcakes offers up a gigantic selection that keeps sugar lovers coming back, with unique flavors like blueberry velvet, their award-winning champagne white chocolate salted caramel, French toast, and tons more.

To add fun flair to your holiday dessert, try out their seasonal blood orange velvet cupcake. In addition, this bakery also presents a list of gluten- and allergen-free delights, so no one has to go without dessert on Christmas or hanukkah.

Try This:

For buffet-style events, this shop also creates mini versions of their famous desserts. Try a mini cake bomb for an explosion of icing, cake, and decadent goodness!

Stop by their Facebook for a quick video of their cake decorating techniques!  Read Entire Article Click Here.. 

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